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REMNANT Daddy-O, Jade

"REMNANT Daddy-O, Jade"

57" wide 100% Cotton Barkcloth


***REMNANT*** THIS LAST PIECES MEASURES 1 YARD WITH THE FULL WIDTH OF 57". Atomic stars, boomerangs and rockin' guitars! The colors are jade and celery heart green, dark cocoa brown, tan and soft, conch peach accents.
Pattern repeat is multi-directional and measures 25" x 25". Guitar is 6" long from end to end.
Made of 100% cotton bark cloth (heavy, woven cotton) that weighs 16 oz (one pound!) per yard or 454 grams.
Suitable for upholstery, drapery, wall panels and hangings, handbags, pillows and other soft furnishings and home decor.
Dry cleaning recommended to help preserve crisp colors.

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