Drapery & Roman Fabric

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Fitzroy Fabric, Cream
Wilshire, Umber - With a well travelled look this *embroidered Ellen Degeneres fabric will easily add that global feel to your space.
Wilshire Fabric, Umber
$35.96 USD $47.95 USD
Matilda Fabric, Pink Blooms a large scale floral print from Tonic Living
Hearty Twill, White - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Hearty Twill Cotton, White
$19.95 USD $22.95 USD
Tuscany Linen, wheat coloured linen from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Linen
$18.95 USD $24.95 USD
Gent, Beech - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gent Fabric, Beech
$28.95 USD $33.95 USD
light grey upholstery fabric from tonic living
natural sand upholstery fabric tonic living
medium grey upholstery fabric tonic living
Lining, Muslin (Cream) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Lining, Muslin (White) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Lining, Soft Black Out - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Lining, Black Out - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Lining Dim Out - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Artstripe, Sunset - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Artstripe Cotton, Sunset
$14.95 USD $25.95 USD
Mason Velvet, Sunshine Yellow - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Goodman Plaid, Blossom - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Goodman Plaid Cotton, Blossom
$18.86 USD $27.95 USD
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
$19.76 USD $28.95 USD
Bella Porte, Twilight - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Carys, Poppy - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Carys Fabric, Poppy (Dwell Studio)
$19.54 USD $28.95 USD
164 results