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Roman Blinds

Window treatments are our specialty and we would love to help you with custom roman blinds for your space!

To receive a quote for custom roman blinds, please use the form to the right. Please provide us with your fabric selection as well as the following details:

Style, Mount and Operation Options:


  • Flat
  • Soft
  • flat vs. soft roman blinds


  • Inside (mounts inside window frame)
  • Outside (mounts above window frame)
  • mounting roman blinds


  • Functioning (moves up and down using a pull cord)
  • Stationary (decorative only, does not move up and down)

Lining Options:
  • Regular muslin lining (poly/cotton)
  • Dim out lining (blocks about 50% of light and UV rays)
  • Black out lining (blocks about 95% of light and UV rays)

How to measure for Roman Blinds:

We've put together some visuals to assist you in taking your measurements.

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Window measurements

Please refer to the "Measuring for Romans" diagram to the left (scroll down) and provide us with measurements for either an outside or inside mount roman. If you need help with the measurements that's ok! Let us know
Any questions for us? (if you are not confident with your measurements and need further advice let us know!)
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