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11 lbs bag of fabric for charity

$10.00 USD

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Tonic Living carries amazing fabric, and since all our pillows and drapery is made in-house, we end up with leftover pieces.

We put together some mega 5 kg bags of scraps that are up for grabs. Some pieces are big and juicy and some pieces are teeny-tiny. You never know what you are gonna get, that is the fun of it! Perfect for your next DIY project or maybe you know a school or charity that could benefit from this material.

We are charging $10 a bag and all that money will go towards our #tonicgiving efforts. That is an incredible value for what you will receive. For more info about our ongoing support for women's mental health, check out our lavender sachets.

If you're not into the whole "you-get-what-get-and-don't-get-upset" scenario, we have a new DIY scrap station at our Toronto flagship location. You can choose your own fabrics and make your own bundle, priced by weight (just like a salad bar!)

  • Each bag weighs approximately 5 kg (11 lbs) and contains several pieces of different fabrics. Sizes of scraps will vary greatly.
  • There will be a mix of patterns, stripes and solids, no two bags are alike.
  • Bags cannot be opened or sorted through in-store
  • All scrap bags are final sale.


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