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Fundraiser - French Lavender Sachets

$10.00 USD

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Back for its 5th year!!! #projectsachet is ready for the holiday giving season with its lavender filled, palm sized pillows made with Tonic Living fabric scraps and premium French lavender.

Handmade by volunteers, our sachets act as soothing purse "poppers" to clutch and squeeze as needed, deeply inhale and release tension. Keep them on hand in your pocket, bag or at your office desk for peak stress moments. Perch it on the dashboard of your car to help calm your breathing in intense traffic or hang onto it during difficult medical treatments and grief. Keep a few extra on hand for small gifts of encouragement throughout the year.

At #projectsachet we say: Let’s normalize the conversation around working on and through our mental health in all it’s versions and stages. Let’s end the unfair stigma that "mental health" has conjured up in the past. Let's continue to reinforce the significance of paying attention to our emotional and mental health as we do to our physical bodies. After all, what is one without the other? Mental Health is Health.

#projectsachet raises $10,000 each year from the $10 donations for these sachets. All proceeds are used for art therapy programs for women and children who have experienced trauma and abuse. Creativity, and it’s expression, can be a powerful catalyst that connects you to your emotions while gently fostering inner healing.

Our 2018/19 partners were the Women's Trauma unit at CAMH, Red Door Shelter and Nellie's.

  • Limited supply, only 1000 made per year
  • Used as a natural stress reliever and promotes relaxation, soothes fatigue and restores balance
  • Assortment of fabrics available, picked at random for online orders
  • Each sachet measures approx. 4" square
  • Each sachet comes with a card explaining the cause
  • All proceeds go to support art therapy programs for women and children who have experienced trauma and abuse
Note: Discount codes cannot be applied to this product. Tonic Living donates all administrative and staff time associated with #projectsachet.


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