How to Create a Collected & Cohesive Pillow-Scape

Get inspired by designer Lauren Elizabeth’s gorgeous living room, where she’s thoughtfully combined a variety of tones, textures and patterns to create that coveted look of an effortlessly collected space. Creating a dynamic, cohesive and balanced pillow collection need not be intimidating, especially when you follow her tried and true mantra. Continue reading to learn her fail-safe pillow pairing method to create your own inviting mix.

Lauren Elizabeth's Living Room

Lauren Elizabeth's Living Room

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 images: @houseofhire

Lauren's Method

The Goal:

Create a collected, cohesive and balanced pillow-scape, without being too matchy-matchy, that incorporates a mix of solid textures, and both small and large scale patterns.

There's no right way to create a pillow collection that is perfect for you, but it's always a good idea to echo the tones in your existing space so that it feels harmonious. Either way, make sure start by choosing pillows that you love, and then build your perfect combo by following this mantra.

The Mantra:

"Same colour, different look"


 The Steps:

A Collected and Cohesive Pillow Combination

Stratus 20x20, Cream | Padma 20x20, Nutmeg | Lundie 14x20, Cayenne | Ginsberg 22x22, Pewter | Lundie 20x20, Camel | Spar Stripe 20x20, Russet 

Easy Tips for Pairing Decorative Pillows


When searching through our large assortment of pillows you can filter by colour, so that you can see all available options at a glance, making pairing even easier. 

If You're Still Stuck:

Our in-house design experts are at your disposal and would be thrilled to assist you with pillow pairing advice and suggestions. Feel free to email and our designers will follow up with you directly to help make your pillow dreams a reality.

Happy Mixing!