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Thornton Stripe, Pearl Grey - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Thornton Stripe Fabric, Pearl Grey
$29.95 USD $39.95 USD
Passagio, Batik - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Boogie, Linen - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Classic Ticking, Nickel - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Classic Ticking Cotton, Nickel
$23.95 USD $29.95 USD
Neigel, Inside Out Fabric, Indigo
Neigel, Inside Out Fabric, Indigo
$29.95 USD $34.95 USD
Patchwork gray stripe pillow from Tonic Living
Patchwork 22x22 Pillow, Twine
$46.95 USD $53.95 USD
Thornton Stripe, Pewter - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Thornton Stripe Fabric, Pewter
$29.95 USD $39.95 USD
Zoe charcoal dotty zepra print fabric from Tonic Living
Zoe Fabric, Charcoal
$32.95 USD $38.95 USD
Patchwork grey stripe fabric from Tonic Living
Patchwork Fabric, Twine
$32.95 USD $36.95 USD
Gent, Beech - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gent Fabric, Beech
$28.95 USD $33.95 USD
Euclid, Woodrose block print cotton fabric from Tonic Living
Euclid Cotton, Woodrose
$24.95 USD $27.95 USD
Vivien Fabric, slate, by Tonic Living
Vivien Fabric, Slate
$18.95 USD $22.95 USD
Vivien Fabric, Flagstone, by Tonic Living
Vivien Fabric, Flagstone
$18.95 USD $22.95 USD
Quinn, Pacific - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Passagio classic blue ikat stripe pillow from Tonic Living
Passagio 20x20 Pillow, Batik
$42.95 USD $60.95 USD
Austin Fabric, Putty, by Tonic Living
Austin Fabric, Putty
$25.95 USD $14.98 USD
Sonora, Stone Shibori stripe neutral fabric in white and grey
Sonora Cotton, Stone
$18.95 USD $24.95 USD
Alcazar, Bisque - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Alcazar Fabric, Bisque
$20.21 USD $29.95 USD
Brushed, Pewter - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Brushed Fabric, Pewter
$9.41 USD $13.95 USD
Espita, Ocean glam boho global fabric in pale blue, white and beige
Espita Fabric, Ocean
$24.95 USD $33.95 USD
Gem Field, Birch - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gem Field Cotton, Birch
$9.46 USD $13.95 USD
Textura woven embroidered fabric from Tonic Living
Textura Fabric, Sisal
$31.95 USD $36.95 USD
Road To Canton, Strawberry - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Road To Canton Cotton, Strawberry
$20.21 USD $29.95 USD
Sonora, Indigo Shibori stripe fabric in white and blue
Sonora Cotton, Indigo
$18.95 USD $24.95 USD
Rollo blush pink outdoor pillow by Tonic Living, former name Rollo pillow
Ryder 20x20 Pillow, Blush
$35.95 USD $48.95 USD
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Indigo
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Indigo
$36.95 USD $52.95 USD
Caspian, Lagoon - An indoor/outdoor fabric with inky indigo blue and an aqua ocean blue on off white cream.
Caspian Fabric, Lagoon (Inside Out)
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt, by Tonic Living
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt
$48.95 USD $56.95 USD
Caspian, Natural - An indoor/outdoor fabric with a warm mix of natural tan, beige and ash grey on cream.
Caspian Fabric, Natural (Inside Out)
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
Sunday mushroom gray outdoor velvet from Tonic Living, former name Sundance
Sunday, Inside Out Velvet, Mushroom
$33.95 USD $41.95 USD
Dabito, Pacific - A teal blue and green palm leaf print fabric by Justina Blakeney Home.
Dabito, Calypso - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are emerald teal green, peach and coral pink.
Euclid pink patterned cotton pillow from Tonic Living
Euclid 22x22 Pillow, Woodrose
$38.95 USD $47.95 USD
Neigel outdoor warm red pink chevron fabric from Tonic Living
Neigel, Inside Out Fabric, Peony
$29.95 USD $34.95 USD
Astoria, Magic Hour Art Deco multicoloured fabric from Tonic Living
Astoria Fabric, Magic Hour
$48.95 USD $57.95 USD
Bristol, Truffle Cotton fabric by Tonic Living
Bristol Cotton, Truffle
$12.79 USD $18.95 USD
Alchemy Linen, Platinum - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Alchemy Fabric, Platinum
$17.52 USD $25.95 USD
Euc, Hillside - A Justina Blakeney statement fabric in a tropical pattern of Eucalyptus branches and buds in citrine yellow, forest and celery green, cream, teal and navy blue.
Euc Fabric, Hillside
$31.01 USD $45.95 USD
Sandpiper Pillow, Sahara, a stripe mudcloth inspired pillow from Tonic Living
Zelda pleated velvet fabric in off white from Tonic Living
Zelda Pleated Velvet, Pearl
$40.95 USD $49.95 USD
Pointillism, Zinc grey and white abstract fabric
Pointillism Fabric, Zinc
$29.95 USD $34.95 USD
Imperial Gate, Mineral - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Imperial Gate Fabric, Mineral
$19.46 USD $29.95 USD
Wilshire, Umber - With a well travelled look this *embroidered Ellen Degeneres fabric will easily add that global feel to your space.
Wilshire Fabric, Umber
$35.96 USD $47.95 USD
Tobermory Quilted Felt, Flannel, a gray channel quilted felt fabric from Tonic Living
Tobermory Quilted Felt, Flannel
$32.95 USD $41.95 USD
caspian, fiesta indoor outdoor fabric
Caspian Fabric, Fiesta (Inside Out)
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
Estrella, Blush - A whimsical geometric star fabric in blush pink and soft grey by Justina Blakeney Home.
Raya pink and coral embroidered cross hatch fabric from Tonic Living
Jetsetter, Cognac - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Cognac
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
93 results