How to perfectly stuff a pillow.

Here at Tonic Living we pride ourselves on our exclusive Faux Down Pillow Inserts.

Made from a lofty microfibre fill, they're luxuriously soft, full of body, hypo-allergenic, hold a karate chop, never get matted or flat and always fluff up again like a traditional feather insert. Bonus: This is a vegan friendly, feather alternative pillow insert!

However, selecting the right insert is only half the battle! Follow along for our step-by-step guide to ensure you get a perfectly stuffed pillow every time. 

Pro Tip: Our inserts are perfectly plump so you don't need to order a size up. If your pillow cover measures 20" edge to edge, order our 20" insert. 

Pillow Cover Featured: Arren 20x20 Pillow, Chambray

How To Stuff a Pillow

STEP 1: Fluff the insert on both sides (side to side & top to bottom) by punching it into the centre in order to make sure the fill is evenly dispersed.

STEP 2: Chop the insert, fold it in half and gather the sides together in one hand. Position your grip closer to the top end, not directly in the middle of the pillow.

STEP 3: Feed the folded and gathered end of the insert into the open zipper end of the cover. Hold on while guiding it all the way in, aiming to keep the insert pretty centred inside the cover.

STEP 4: Release your grip on the folded insert and guide each corner of the insert into each top corner of the cover. Do this by either using the palm of your hand or by holding the insert corner slightly.

STEP 5: Flip the whole pillow over and, again, guide the corners of the insert into each top corner of the cover. This will ensure your pillow corners are fully and evenly stuffed.

STEP 6: Hold the pillow zipper side up and stuff in the bottom corners of the insert into the bottom corners of the cover. Then zip the cover closed.

STEP 7: Fluff the stuffed pillow on both sides by punching it into the centre in order to make sure the insert is evenly dispersed.

STEP 8: Position the pillow so the zipper is on the bottom (a must!), and gently chop the top of the pillow to give it a little more shape (optional).


A perfectly stuffed pillow every time!