Every great design includes a color palette that has a a strong point of view. Whether that palette leans more monochromatic and subtle or high contrast and bold, defining your palette will help direct the overall feeling and aesthetic, and finding your ideal balance will ensure your space (regardless of the size) speaks to your style and energy. Here are three of our current favourite colour pairings to inspire your own design scheme.

1. Black & White

Whether your style is contemporary, transitional, traditional or somewhere in between, the timeless beauty of a black and white color combination is always welcome. Using black as a timeless and perennial accent tone adds a grounding element and necessary bit of drama that every room needs - and look no further than white or cream as the perfect counter balance to create a harmonious pairing.

Get the Look:


Anya 22x22, Carbon | Spar Stripe 24x24, Onyx | Stratus Round Ottoman |

Misto 20x20, Cream & Black | Hudson Stripe Fabric, Charcoal | Karru 14x20, Charcoal

2. Blue & Cream

A blue and cream combination is incredibly classic, inviting and fresh. The cool tone of the blue paired with a soft, natural cream tone has a calming effect that can feel welcome in any setting from coastal to urban.

Get the Look:


Benton 22x22, Chambray | Zola 20x20, Indigo | Yarmouth 14x20, Sandstone |

Harlow 22x22, Desert Sand | Hyden 14x20, Lake Blue | Marklin 22x22, Ink

3. Blush & Natural

This colour pairing is on the more monochromatic end of the spectrum, and while there isn’t a high contrast, the natural earthy tone feels a bit more adventurous with the addition of blush. In this combination a neutral palette offers a warm cozy layer with a chic twist.

Get the Look:


Lottie 22x22, Cameo | Dunrobin 22x22, Burlap | Chandra Fabric, Blush Pink |

Misto Fabric, Coral Blue | Serafina 22x22, Plum | Taryn 22x22, Natural