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Alcazar, Bisque - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Alcazar Fabric, Bisque
$20.21 USD $29.95 USD
Archie Twine, a gray textured stain resistant fabric from Tonic Living
Austin Fabric, Putty, by Tonic Living
Austin Fabric, Putty
$25.95 USD $14.98 USD
Bamboo Path, Rose - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Bamboo Path Fabric, Rose
$32.21 USD $42.95 USD
Beach Buffalo Check, Moonstone Grey - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Boogie, Linen - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Borderline, Oasis (Indoor/ Outdoor) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Bristol Cotton, Charcoal
Bristol Cotton, Charcoal
$12.79 USD $18.95 USD
Brittany, Nickel - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Brushed, Pewter - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Brushed Fabric, Pewter
$9.41 USD $13.95 USD
Capri Fabric, Mineral, a gray painterly swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Classic Ticking, Nickel - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Draper Stripe, Grey - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Felix, Zinc grey textured outdoor fabric from Tonic Living, former name Friendly
Gem Field, Birch - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gem Field Cotton, Birch
$9.46 USD $13.95 USD
Geo Fringe, Eucalyptus - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Geo Fringe Cotton, Eucalyptus
$8.74 USD $12.95 USD
Hobbs Fabric, Graphite, by Tonic Living
Intersections, Steam - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Iona Channel Velvet, Blue Smoke, a blue gray horizontal stripe plush velvet from Tonic Living
Jameson, charcoal gray drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Jameson warm light grey fabric from Tonic Living
Jameson Fabric, Fog
$31.95 USD
Linked, Stone Grey - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Majorca Fabric in Smoke by Ellen Degenres, a watery grey and blue floral from Tonic Living
Mason Velvet, Shale- A deep grey soft velvet from Tonic Living
Mason Velvet, Shale
$43.95 USD
Meadow stone gray floral fabric from Tonic Living
Mini Chevron, Fresh - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Mini Chevron Fabric, Fresh
$8.06 USD $10.95 USD
Montauk Pinstripe sheer drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Moonwalk Fabric, Dune
Mortimer, Ash Fabric from Tonic Living
Mortimer, River Stone Fabric from Tonic Living
Multi Loop, Pool fabric from Tonic Living
Multi Loop Cotton, Pool
$12.79 USD $18.95 USD
Palmer, Thunder - A sort of hand stitched looking fabric with a distinctly well-traveled feel in charcoal grey and flecks of white and pale blue - Tonic Living
Palmer Fabric, Thunder
$21.56 USD $31.95 USD
Pointillism, Zinc grey and white abstract fabric
Pointillism Fabric, Zinc
$29.95 USD $34.95 USD
From our High Performance upholstery fabric line is this small-scaled grey and cream weave. Perfect for medium to heavy weight furniture upholstery projects, seat cushions, pet beds and many other home decor projects.
Quatro Fabric, Conch
$16.46 USD $21.95 USD
Reflect, Dove Grey - A clean, line drawn pattern in soft grey and white.
Ryder burlap beige outdoor fabric from Tonic Living, former name Rollo
Ryder, Inside Out Fabric, Burlap
$29.95 USD $34.95 USD
Ryder, Zinc outdoor grey fabric from Tonic Living, former name Rollo
Shelby Fabric, Stone, gray and white modern matchstick print from Tonic Living
Sierra, Ink - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Sierra, Ink
$39.95 USD
Simple Stripe, Grey + White - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Sonora, Stone Shibori stripe neutral fabric in white and grey
Tate Inside out Faux Leather, neutral gray vegan leather fabric from Tonic Living
Tippi, a stone gray and off white flora toile print from Tonic Living
Tippi Cotton, Stone
$35.95 USD
Tobermory Felt, Flannel, a gray felt fabric from Tonic Living
Tobermory Quilted Felt, Flannel, a gray channel quilted felt fabric from Tonic Living
Tulane, Fog - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Tulane, Fog (ED Ellen Degeneres)
$18.71 USD $24.95 USD
Tuscany Linen, Cadet Grey, a crisp neutral grey linen from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Charcoal Gray from Tonic Living
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