Hi guys, Shannon here. Today we are tackling a subject near and dear to my heart. White!

While I’m sure that you know that we at Tonic Living are major fans of colour and pattern, sometimes the power of white cannot be denied. This can be especially true for those of us that are constantly surrounded with vibrant hues and a cacophony of patterns on the daily. It can ground a space and create a feeling of calm and airiness, and who can argue with that?

Photo Lynne Knowlton

Generally I like to make sure the white of the fabric works with the other whites in the space, they all don’t have to match exactly, but basically if your white paint is cool, then stick to a cooler, truer white, like our Tuscany linen white. If your whites are a bit warm or creamy, then look for a fabric that has the same warm creamy quality, one of our favourites is the Tuscany linen oyster or our heavier Helsinki white.

Photo Tonic Living

We recently collaborated with Brady Tolbert, from blogger Emily Henderson's team, on some beautiful white linen romans for his dreamy bedroom.

Take a look at the amazing project here. Don’t you just love that headboard too? 

photo Tessa Neustadt

One of our favourite pushers of white is none other than tree house decorator extraordinaire, Lynne Knowlton. Her restrained use of pattern and colour creates a dreamy and restful experience. Perfect for her tree house guests.

Take a look at Lynne’s amazing work with white in her home, tree house and airstream (yes I said airstream, and it's as cool as it sounds.)

photos Lynne Knowlton

Aren’t you dying to spend a night in that tree house now?

Next up designer Cameron MacNeil’s expert mix of traditional and contemporary in his own home, as seen in House and Home Magazine, also showcases the ability of white linen to project a cool and calm attitude. 

You can even take a tour of this space here

photo Alex Lukey/ House & Home magazine

I have to admit that in my own house I’ve used our Tuscany linen oyster for many of my windows, I love the natural flow of the linen and I always have the ability to change everything else in the room on a whim (much to my family’s dismay).

All these savvy design professionals have chosen to keep the colour and pattern to a minimum on their windows and let swaths of white texture tell their dreamy tale. So tell us, does white float your boat, or do you prefer a riot of colour and pattern on your windows ? (cause believe me we have that too) We always love to hear from you.