Clearance Accessory

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Casa Candle from Pure Living, made with organic soy way at Tonic Living
Casa Organic Soy Candle, Pure Living
$15.95 USD $19.95 USD
Seville Jute Baskets, Black, and natural jute baskets in three sizes from Tonic Living
Seville Baskets, Black
$53.95 USD $67.95 USD
Adora Tripod Plant Basket at Tonic Living
Adora Tripod Basket
$26.95 USD $29.95 USD
Charlie beige and white stripe linen pompom throw from Tonic Living
Charlie Stripe Throw, Beach
$84.95 USD $109.95 USD
Charlie navy stripe linen pompom throw from Tonic Living
Charlie Stripe Throw, Marine Blue
$84.95 USD $109.95 USD
Kropp Body Mist, a thyme and sandalwood scented body mist from Tonic Living
Kropp Hydrating Body Mist
$15.95 USD $19.95 USD
Kropp Aromatic Diffuser, an orange, lemon and cedar fragranced diffuser from Tonic Living
Kropp Aromatic Diffuser
$28.95 USD $37.95 USD
Kropp Bar Soap, a paraben free soap with a delicate fragrance from Tonic Living
Kropp Bar Soap
$13.95 USD $14.95 USD
Kropp Body Lotion, an essential oils, paraben free skin lotion from Tonic Living
Kropp Body Lotion
$20.95 USD $26.95 USD
Kropp organic soy candle, an orange, lemon, cedar scented candle from Tonic Living
Kropp Organic Soy Candle
$28.95 USD $31.95 USD
Kropp Shower Gel, a paraben free, rosewood, oak and patchouli scented shower soap from Tonic Living
Kropp Shower Gel
$17.95 USD $21.95 USD
Kropp Bath Sea Salts, rosewood, from Tonic Living
Kropp Bath Sea Salts
$19.95 USD $21.95 USD
Kropp Hand Cream, a vegan, paraben free hand cream from Tonic Living
Kropp Hand Cream
$18.95 USD $22.95 USD