In the July/August 2023 issue of Style at Home Magazine, designer Samantha Pynn featured our handmade Rafael Throw Blanket in her monthly design lesson that focused on creating an inviting guest bedroom. 

Style at Home July/August 2023 Magazine

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 Rafael Throw Blanket, Cream

This stunning cotton throw blanket, in a gorgeous cream and black stripe, epitomizes slow luxury. From the natural local materials and dying process to the traditional looms, lovingly operated by artisans rich in history of the trade, each piece is ethically handcrafted in Paraguay in small batches. This authentic process and outlook is celebrated in the blanket’s chunky weave, earthy tones and subtle imperfections. Welcomed into your home it will offer a not only a layer of texture and comfort, but also a sense of history and connection to a local culture. 

Fair-trade, ethically and locally sourced materials, handcrafted in Paraguay by local artisans using traditional techniques and looms.