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Ossington graphic block print black and cream fabric from Tonic Living
Florence, a black trellis print on a flax color linen fabric from Tonic Living
Bedouin block print mudcloth patterned fabric from Tonic Living
Archer, a modern black and white graphic fabric from Tonic Living
Ava, a black and white reversible diamond dash double weave fabric from Tonic Living
Rita, a black on ivory square stitched pattern fabric from Tonic Living
Rita Cotton, Onyx
$41.95 USD
Dixon Stonewash Blue, a blue, ivory and brown printed stripe from Tonic Living
Blake Block Print Indigo, a blue on white flower print fabric from Tonic Living
Nate Stonewash Blue, a watery blue scallop edge dot print from Tonic Living
Muro soft grey waves, fabric from Ellen Degeneres
Muro Fabric, Frost
$38.95 USD
Olivia Natural, a beige and cream embroidered fabric from Tonic Living
Delano terrazzo inspired embroidered fabric from Tonic Living
Lilly Fabric, Peony a cream motif on muted pink jacquard fabric from Tonic Living
Lilly Fabric, Peony
$41.95 USD
Euclid, Woodrose block print cotton fabric from Tonic Living
Capri Fabric, Spice, a painterly swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Capri Cotton, Spice
$27.95 USD
Capri Fabric, Mist, a blue painterly swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Capri Cotton, Mist
$27.95 USD
Capri Fabric, Mineral, a gray painterly swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Capri Fabric, Honey, a yellow, painterly swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Capri Cotton, Honey
$27.95 USD
Planetarium Fabric, Goldenrod, a Justina Blakeney mustard yellow print at Tonic Living
Isla Fabric, Laguna blue and gold Aztec pattern fabric from Tonic Living
Raya pink and coral embroidered cross hatch fabric from Tonic Living
Wilshire, Umber - With a well travelled look this *embroidered Ellen Degeneres fabric will easily add that global feel to your space.
Wilshire Fabric, Umber
$35.96 USD $47.95 USD
Astoria, Magic Hour Art Deco multicoloured fabric from Tonic Living
Astoria Fabric, Magic Hour
$48.95 USD $57.95 USD
Intersections, Steam - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gem Field, Birch - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Gem Field Cotton, Birch
$9.46 USD $13.95 USD
Alcazar, Bisque - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Alcazar Fabric, Bisque
$20.21 USD $29.95 USD
A yellow and hot pink small scale geometric with a global punch, from the Justina Blakeney Home collection.
Estrella, Blush - A whimsical geometric star fabric in blush pink and soft grey by Justina Blakeney Home.
Kimono Fret, Dove - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Jetsetter, Cognac - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Cognac
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
Jetsetter, Stream - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Stream
$26.96 USD $39.95 USD
In The Frame, Oasis (Indoor / Outdoor) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
In The Frame, Peachtini (Indoor / Outdoor) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Keyhole Trellis, Coral - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Keyhole Trellis Fabric, Coral
$8.96 USD $12.95 USD
Wavey Day, Peach - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Wavey Day Fabric, Peach
$8.74 USD $12.95 USD
Mini Chevron, Fresh - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Mini Chevron Fabric, Fresh
$8.06 USD $10.95 USD
Adler, Mint - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Adler Fabric, Mint
$7.16 USD $10.95 USD
Neo Keys, Pool - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Neo Keys Fabric, Pool
$10.09 USD $14.95 USD
Imperial Gate, Mineral - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Imperial Gate Fabric, Mineral
$19.46 USD $29.95 USD
Joy, Bucks Fizz - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Joy, Bucks Fizz
$12.71 USD $16.95 USD
Corfu, Sunshine (Indoor / Outdoor) - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Graphic Fret, Ultra Marine - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Graphic Fret Fabric, Ultra Marine
$11.96 USD $15.95 USD
Bella Porte, Twilight - [Product_type] - Tonic Living