Clearance & Last Call Fabric

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Colton grey and cream windowpane fabric from Tonic Living
Alba Cotton, Flax
Alba Cotton, Flax
$27.95 USD $16.48 USD
black and white floral drapery fabric lotus flowers tonic living
Alba Cotton, Domino
$32.95 USD
Kira, Indigo, a blue and white cross stitch fabric from Tonic Living
Kira Fabric, Indigo
$34.95 USD $40.95 USD
Tippi, a stone gray and off white flora toile print from Tonic Living
Tippi Cotton, Stone
$35.95 USD
Audrey, a blue on ivory motif stripe cotton fabric from Tonic Living
Audrey Cotton, Indigo
$35.95 USD $41.95 USD
Campobello Check Natural, a brown and black windowpane fabric from Tonic Living
Campobello Check Fabric, Natural
$33.95 USD $19.98 USD
Blythe embroidered floral in a multi colorway from Tonic Living
Muro soft grey waves, fabric from Ellen Degeneres
Muro Fabric, Frost
$38.95 USD
Adelaide seamist blue linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Adelaide Fabric, Moss, a green, linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Adelaide Fabric, graphite, a medium grey, linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Adelaide Fabric, Graphite
$36.95 USD $21.48 USD
Pollenca Fabric, Mist, a light blue Ellen Degeneres quilted fabric from Tonic Living
Pollenca Fabric, Mist
$37.95 USD $21.98 USD
Lucca Fabric, Chateau, a taupe silk blend drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Chateau
$44.95 USD $29.98 USD
Lucca Fabric, Oyster, a silk blend drapery fabric in off white from Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Oyster
$44.95 USD $29.98 USD
Viva fabric, Ochre, mustard yellow motifs on cream background from Tonic Living
Charlie navy stripe linen blend summer fabric from Tonic Living
Charlie Stripe Fabric, Marine Blue
$38.95 USD $23.48 USD
Virginia, brightside bold colorful woven fabric from Tonic Living
Virginia Fabric, Bright Side
$30.95 USD $22.48 USD
Frankie marbleized fabric from Tonic Living
Frankie Fabric, Electric
$44.84 USD $32.48 USD
Ryder, Blush pink outdoor fabric from Tonic Living, formerly named Rollo
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt, by Tonic Living
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt
$48.95 USD $28.48 USD
Mason Velvet, Sunshine Yellow - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Provence, White - A thick linen drapery fabric in crisp white
Provence linen, oyster - A thick linen drapery fabric in a creamy, off-white
Provence hearty un-dyed natural linen from Tonic Living
Goodman Plaid, Blossom - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Goodman Plaid Cotton, Blossom
$18.86 USD $13.98 USD
Dabito, Confetti - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are coral pink, orange and yellow gold.
A yellow and hot pink small scale geometric with a global punch, from the Justina Blakeney Home collection.
Jetsetter, Stream - [Product_type] - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Stream
$26.96 USD $19.98 USD
Dupioni Silk, Teal
Dupioni Silk, Teal
$39.95 USD $17.48 USD
Bristol, Truffle Cotton fabric by Tonic Living
Bristol Cotton, Truffle
$12.79 USD $9.48 USD