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Roman Blinds

Window treatments are our specialty and we would love to help you with custom roman blinds for your space!

* NOTICE: Please place your order by November 10th if you would like to receive your window treatments in time for the holidays!

To receive a quote for custom roman blinds, please use the form to the right. Please provide us with your fabric selection as well as the following details:

Style, Mount and Operation Options:


  • Flat
  • Soft
  • flat vs. soft roman blinds


  • Inside (mounts inside window frame)
  • Outside (mounts above window frame)
  • mounting roman blinds


  • Functioning (moves up and down using a pull cord)
  • Stationary (decorative only, does not move up and down)

Lining Options:
  • Regular muslin lining (poly/cotton)
  • Dim out lining (blocks about 50% of light and UV rays)
  • Black out lining (blocks about 95% of light and UV rays)

How to measure for Roman Blinds:

We've put together some visuals to assist you in taking your measurements.

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